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How [Not] To Succeed In Network Marketing

By:Jeff Burdic

Here are the top 7 issues faced by new people in network marketing:

1. No Support from upline members.
When a new member joins a network-marketing group, he/she is clueless and requires a lot of guidance either from online resources or other experienced members.

However in most cases the uplines are not involved in guiding them. This is because many uplines are just interested in attracting as many members as possible and never give consideration to whether they succeed or fail afterwards.

Normally in most network marketing programs it is vital that new members get help as soon as possible from either an older member or pre-existing help materials. If not than odds are they will not make it to the end.

2. Selling is a challenge for new network marketers.
This is the main reason why most new members dont survive in network marketing. With the use of standard network marketing techniques, you must learn to sell and speak at prospect meetings and such.

3. Failure to produce good leads.
Along with the selling issue another big reason why most members fail in network marketing is because they cannot get good leads. Here is the usual scenario: new marketers sign up for an interesting new network-marketing program. Handbooks, meetings etc teach them how to demonstrate the product to their friends, neighbors and relatives. Usually they are not very keen on doing this and will typically be very tense about this. The reason being they do not want to compel their circle of friends! They think they would be more confident just pitching to strangers.

4. No system can be completely duplicated.
If you must spend a lot of money to promote your network marketing company it is not practical.

You cannot copy selling skills or public speaking and conducting meetings. Only a handful of people are able to do this successfully. This is again a very important reason why so many fail at the start.

5. Using typical network marketing methods to sell by mail.
Normally network marketing requires you to spend a lot of time cold calling and prospecting. Many people have full time careers and it is not easy to take out time to go around or make phone calls. This is another reason why these network marketers cannot continue with their plans.

6. The marketer does not trust the network marketing company or service.

Frequently, people get excited and join a network-marketing plan. But after sometime reality sets in and they start having doubts about their choice. To avoid this always choose a well-known and profitable network marketing company, thats been in business for at least 2 years with proven products and services. This way you will feel confident about the company and its products. Nothing compares to the feeling of being completely honest with your potential customers.

7. New members do not stay with the program for long.
Opening any new business requires time and it is also true for network marketing plans. It takes time to choose a program, request literature, analyze it and sign up. After you sign up its time to find your own leads and start selling. It will be a few months before you see any results. You must commit to stay with program for at least a few months, just to see where it goes. Be patient dont give up too soon.

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Jeff Burdic is a highly successful Internet Marketer. He has shown hundreds of people how to earn a living online. To learn HOW TO succeed in Network Marketing, after reading this article visit:

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