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How To Avoid Scams On The Net

By:Jeff Burdic

Thanks to technology, the internet is an excellent place for any business transaction. Most people today depend on the internet for buying or selling air tickets for travel, laptops, cellular phones, household items, perfumes, watches, jewellery and real estate too. The internet has proved to be very cost effective for not only consumers, but also the retailers as they sell their products without any extra cost of shops, man power and so on. These world wide websites have given a big opportunity to retailers to market their products on the net, which gives them huge sales and profits.

The best part about online shopping is the convenience of shopping at any time of the day in the comfort of your homes and offices. However there are many frauds and scams to dupe online shoppers readily. Fraudsters either swallow the customers money or attain their credit card number and misuse it for their own benefits. It is important that all internet users should be aware of such scams and make sure they avoid frauds, by using reputable and authentic websites for purchase.

These days there are a lot of duplicate stores available online, thus you should make sure that the online store is authentic and legitimate. You should ask your friends and family if they have heard or used the store. If they have had bad experiences, they will warn you. You could also order a page of the website and search for the logo of authenticity. You can also search the consumer forum websites to see if there have been any negative reports on the online store. If the online store states to be endorsed by an authentic company, you should always call the endorsing organisation or visit their official website to enquire.

Many online stores provide the service of [Cash on Delivery.] Even if they demand higher prices, you should always opt for this service to avoid cases of fraud. It is always better to play safe than get caught in scams. However if the website does not offer cash on delivery service you should always pay by your credit card because you can take legal action against the website if you do not receive the product you purchased.

You should always read the clauses of the website before purchasing your products online. Many websites, which provide multiple retailers offer the money back guarantee if you do not receive your product. Thus making it easy for you to claim your money or trace the fraudster in case of a scam.

Due to increase in internet scams, most credit card providers give [substitute] numbers and [single use] credit card numbers which allow you to use the online facility without having to give your real account number. This service protects your credit card from being misused and prevents hackers and fraudsters.

Lastly, after purchasing the product online always print the order or document which provides the proof of your purchase. Keeping proof is the safest way to avoid any sort of internet scam.

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Jeff Burdic is a highly successful Internet Marketer. His concepts and ideas are extremely innovative and easily implementable. He has shown hundreds of people how to earn a living online. To earn a living online Visit:

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