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Stop Smoking Aids For Smokers Who Want To Give Up Smoking!

By:George Wood

There are a few free stop smoking aids: help lines, the smokers anonymous, or picking up simple hobbies. The help lines are run by trained counselors who can help very much the smoker who want to give up smoking. These lines help in different ways, by nicotine replacement therapy and help they choose the right one, or by recommending them laser therapy or drugs like Zyban.

Joining Smokers Anonymous can be very useful to those who want to give up smoking because these groups are being advised by those who have given up smoking, and it can be very helpful when the smoker is facing withdrawal symptoms. The smoker can also be helped by a family friend or a friend. No monetary value is involved because the family member (or the friend) wants to help the smoker hive up smoking, and he does that by spending hours (for example) with the smoker.

Picking up a simple hobby, like gardening or building scrapbooks keeps the individual occupied and reduces the urge to smoke. In consequence the smoker must learn to fill up hours with meaningful and engrossing activity, that is why it is important, the smoker picks an activity in which he is interested.

Other ways, the smoker can help himself by bringing discipline in his life, drinking a glass of water or fruit juice whenever the urge of smoke appears. Taking a few deep breaths and relaxing is a natural way to fight the urge of smoking.

A simple painless therapy is the laser treatment that uses a low intensity laser beam (called cold laser) to kill the smoking urge. Usually, it requires only a 20-30 minutes session to kill the smoking urge, but in some cases two or three sittings may be needed.

The therapy contains three stages, the first one where points that can reduce the dependence of the body on nicotine are activated, the second controls the appetite points so no extra weight is gained, and the last step stimulates the relaxation points to release endorphins.(this is a critical point to any treatment, because, the endorphins, which are produced by pituitary glands create a sense of false well-being and are present in large numbers in smokers).

The reason for which smokers experience emotional distress, anger, and the simple but phenomenal urge to light another cigar is that the endorphins register a sharp fall whenever someone tries to quit smoking. That is where laser treatment helps, by activating specific points in the body (ears, nose, hands, wrist, and forearm), and stimulating the natural release of synthesized endorphins.

Because of the given stimulation points, many doctors consider laser therapy to be similar to acupuncture Oriental science that uses needle to activate pressure points besides the fact that laser therapy uses low intensity laser beam.

Because of the advantages painless, no cuts or burns, and high success rate (80%-90%) more people tend to use this therapy every day. The only smokers who should not consider this treatment are pregnant women, cancer patients and epileptics.

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