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How To Use The Conquering Power Of Love

By:Saleem Rana

How can you transform your life today? How can you make this a special day, as holy as Christmas or Id or Diwali? Holy days happen only once or twice a year, but you can make each day sacred all year long. It is an attitude of joviality, unconditional love, and humanitarian interest. Furthermore, do it without expectation of reward.

You can use this day to create love in your heart. This is a way of being that emulates the vision of an avatar, like Krishna, Buddha, or Christ. Their entire vision was to teach people unconditional love.

In this unhappy world, your shift in attitude will raise the sea for all of humankind. All it takes is for you to change the way your own consciousness views humanity.

What would happen if from this day on you took to heart the Kantian imperative and acted as if your example influenced everyone? Imagine if from this day on you acted only in the name of the highest good.

Is an attitude of goodwill really that difficult? 

Nor is this an exclusive ideal reserved for just those in a religious tradition. Unconditional lovingness affects everyone. It crosses all narrow boundaries. It sees no enemies anywhere. It advocates peace, not hatred.

Envision if meeting YOU was a transformative experience. Strangers would automatically pick up on your vibration of joy and forgiveness. They would, in fact, become aware of their own spiritual essence, which is pure and unsullied by the world. And you would not have spoken a word. They would just KNOW.

What would happen to your world if you stopped resisting love and even helped strangers in trouble without fear of getting hurt?

In all of time, and for all of humankind, you, in your humble little way, would be having an IMPACT.  It would be so subtle that not even you would be aware of it.

So what am I suggesting?

I am inviting you to go forth from this special day on with a desire to become a person of unconditional loving kindness.

You will not only transform yourself but the world around you and the hope, the joy, and the ultimate purpose of humankind will become obvious again.

Is this an impractical suggestion?

Has anyone ever done it before?

What about your dog?

Can you really tell me that you as a human being with your impressive intellect cannot replicate the good-heartedness of a dog?

Are you beginning to see how you can in fact change the world? It takes just one decent person to create a tidal effect on humanity. You do not even have to say a word or take any heroic action. All you have to do is have a change of heart. Your beingness will do all the work for you, in ways that are invisible to you.

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