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Trespassers Clean House While Locals Are Shopping

By:Johnny Jenkins

Sally and Fred own a beautiful stretch of land outside of town. On the land are a small house, a pond, and trees all the way up to the house. There are shrubbery and flowers planted close to the house to present a natural setting. It is a very quiet and peaceful place. Just perfect for relaxing and enjoying nature.

Their nearest neighbor is at least a mile down the road. There is a long stretch of driveway leading up to their house. The house has many windows with natural vegetation covering them. Since it was such a large piece of property, they frequently had trouble with trespassers.

They usually camped out for the night and most of the time they moved on. The local sheriff periodically came around to check on Sally and Fred. They usually went into the nearby town to do all their shopping for the month. They did not have a security system.

They had grown up in simpler times and never really experienced crime. One day they went into town to do their monthly shopping. The trip usually took several hours including the time back and forth. They tried to get everything they needed, so the would not have to go back until the next shopping trip. Finally they were done and started home.

When they got home, they drove up to the house and were about to unload, when sally got a strange feeling that something was wrong. She could not explain it, but she was sure something was out of place. She told Fred what she felt but he dismissed it as fatigue from the trip. They were about to unlock their front door when they heard what sounded like a can turning over out back.

They went around to investigate. They found their backdoor wide open. They did not go in the house. Instead the drove to the neighbors house and called the sheriff. The sheriff escorted them back to the house and they all went in. The place was ramshackle.

It looked liked someone broke in, and searched for something. They immediately thought about the trespassers. They figured someone was looking for money or food. Later they went into the woods trying to find clues. They found food wrappings and a few of their personal items. The criminals were never caught.

Your property is inviting to criminals if it lessens their chance of getting caught. If you live in the rural area you are more likely to be a victim of trespassers and wanderers. In most rural areas the neighbors are sparse, so there is a chance no one will be watching your home when you leave. You are also less likely to have a security system.

Many rural dwellers have dogs for protection, which is great if you like animals and do not mind the added responsibility. In rural areas law enforcement can be limited or nonexistent. Many properties are surrounded by trees and bushes, which make excellent cover for criminals. Vegetation close to the home may provide a hiding place, when a criminal is trying to enter a window or door. You should periodically take inventory of your property to see where it lacks in security.

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