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1). 5 Places NOT To Go To For Vacation
Some vacations aren’t as good as they are made out to be; maybe it’s a case of false advertising or maybe the locals just take advantage of you just because you have “tourist” stamped on your forehead. Or maybe your luggage arrived from the airport a day or two after you did?

2). A Closer Look At The First Porsche - The Porsche 64
Most auto connoisseurs consider the Porsche 64 which is also sometimes known as the VW Aerocoupe, Type 64 and Type 64K10 as being the first automobile made by Porsche. It was manufactured mainly from parts from the Model 64 VW Beetle and that is where the model number comes from.

3). A Bad Credit Card That May Be Good For You
Millions of people use credit cards all around the world. A huge chunk of those users made mistakes when dealing with their credit cards. The consequence of the errors is costly.

4). A Closer Look At Buying Diamonds Online
One of the best things about purchasing online is the unlimited selection. When shopping offline, you are limited to the selection in the stores in your general area. Online, there are no limits. But again, you must use a great deal of care and consideration before handing your money over to someone that you cannot see and have never met!

5). A Closer Look At Day Trading
Day trading is a controversial word in the world of stock trading. Many see it as a way to make a living off of the fast paced stock market. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) warns against the practice and cautions against getting involved in the practice.

6). A Closer Look At Facial Masks
Facial masks are more than just silly tricks that women try to get their “beauty rest.” They are an important part of skin care. It is recommended that you use a facial mask at least once a week. While it is not necessary to go overboard and wear one every night, a weekly facial mask session cannot only help your skin receive moisture, but it can also ease skin disorders.

7). A Closer Look At Fine Collectibles
When looking for a fine quality gift it is sometimes good to know a little of the history of the company; particularly when you are looking at collectibles.

Collectibles are a wonderful gift especially during the holiday season as many fine collectible companies have gifts that are designed for the season.
One of the oldest and ...

8). A Closer Look At The Attraction of Dooney and Burke Handbags
Dooney and Burke Handbags have been popular for almost 31 years. The label is well known for beautiful craftsmanship and the fine materials that they use. The design of their bags is functional and the patterns that they use are eye catching.

9). A Closer Look At Yohimbe
As a bodybuilder I have probably tried just about every natural testosterone enhancing product available for enhancing muscle growth, the side effect of many of these products is enhanced sexual performance as well. There are also some side effects that are unwanted, such as heart palpitations and insomnia. In this article I want to look closer at Yohimbe.

10). A Few Facts On Hybrids
Most consumers have heard of hybrid vehicles, but many of them could not explain the definition. The actual definition of the word “hybrid” is stated as something of mixed origin or composition.

11). A Few Gas Saving Tips
Recently, our country has been hit with a surge of high gas prices. With no decline in prices on the horizon, people are being forced to ration their gas intake. There is a silver lining from the events of the present; the rationing will help reduce gas emissions, which in turn will help the environment.

12). A Few Great Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts
For many people the idea of trying to find a really good baby gift for a baby shower is a difficult one. Even those of use who have children may have grown out of touch a little; I know I have since my son is now 16 years old and near six feet tall!

13). A Few Simple Things You Can Do To Rekindle A Relationship
One easy way to bring the excitement back into your relationship is to set up a date night. While you may see each other daily and even go out to dinner every Friday night, setting up a date night outside of your usual schedule will enhance your relationship and give you something to look forward to.

14). A Guide To Lingerie Shopping For Guys
If you want to really impress your lady and make some serious brownie points buying her some intimate lingerie can really do the trick.

15). A Historical Look At The Origin Of Tobacco And Cigars
Cigars have been popular for centuries and still remain so, particularly amongst the affluent although people of all classes enjoy them. There are even "Cigar Bars" that carry a wide selection to choose from.

16). A Look At A New Entry In The Collectible Toy Car Market
The diecast marketplace gained a new member seven years ago with the unlikely appearance of Jada Toys. The beginner brand began humbly but swiftly gained astounding interest due to the development of its style and trendy new design concepts.

17). A Look at Adwords And Premium Advertising On Google
If you do a search at Google, you’ll notice that not only do you get a list of all the sites that return your keyword, you also get a list of other relevant ads on the right of the page and at the top of the listing.

18). A Look At All The Various Types Of Paintball Games You Can Play
If you are into paintball or thinking of getting into it, there are many variations that can be played. In addition to the simple choice of playing indoors or outdoors there are also variants within each of those genres.

19). A Look At Bluetooth Security
These days, all communication technology faces the issue of privacy and identity theft, with Bluetooth being no exception. Almost everyone knows that email services and networks require security. What users of Bluetooth need to realize is that Bluetooth also requires security measures as well.

20). A Look At Bordeaux And Burgundy Wines
The regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy in France are world renowned for producing some of the best wines available anywhere. Let’s take a look at them individually.

21). A Look At Cabernet Sauvignon And Merlot Wines
Grown in the famous Bordeaux predominately, the Cabernet Sauvignon grape is one of the most versatile and widely used of all grapes for winemaking.

22). A Look At Computerized Home Security
We live in an era of computers and information technology and there is a direct relationship between information technology and home security. Computers allow us to automate many different aspects of out business activities and personal life.

23). A Look At Different Types Of Lingerie
Lingerie in the broadest sense of the term has come a long way from the boned corsets worn by the women of early Crete and the whalebone corsets worn in the 18th century when women had to undergo painful transformations of tightening laces and pulling the corsets tight to make their waistlines appear smaller.

24). A Look At Red Wines and White Wines
Most of us know that wine comes from grapes that are aged. But have you ever wondered what helps the grape age properly and why red wines need more time to age than white wines?

25). A Look At Saunas In Finland
In Finland saunas have been used for centuries going back over a thousand years for its well known health benefits. Indeed saunas are so popular in Finland that there is approximately one sauna for every seven people in the country with most in private apartments and the balance found in summer homes, hotels, and public swimming facilities.

26). A Look At Shoes All Women Should Have
Women’s shoes come in innumerable styles and colors and a lot of women think they must have them all!

In reality, there are some necessary women’s shoe styles and colors all women should have and to keep it effortless for you we are going to give you a guide that will help to make the process easier.

27). A Look At Some Of The Data Recovery Methods Available To You
You have just returned from the vacation of a life time and downloaded your pictures to your computer, typed up the diary you kept while vacationing and drafted many emails to your friends about the trip, now it is all gone, thanks to some incomprehensible computer glitch.

28). A Look At Some Of The Different Types Of Phone Cards
When you decide to purchase a prepaid calling card you will usually get a card that has a pre determined number of minutes on it. The number of minutes on the card will depend on the cost per minute and the price that you paid for the card.

29). A Look At Some Of The More Common Causes Of Hair Loss
Many people worry about the loss of their hair. Hair is a very important feature to the human appearance. Since hair is so important you will probably notice right away when you start to loose your hair.

30). A Look At Some Of The Most Famous French Chocolate Makers
French chocolate is one of the most popular types of confection in the world. It is used in many tasty treats such as chocolate mousse and the ever popular chocolate eclair.

31). A Look At Some Of The Qualities Found In The Best Knives
If you are among those men who are really searching for an old time knife to be kept in the pocket wherever you go, then you may be glad to know that it is quite easy to get such a thing now a days.

32). A Look At Sports Memorabilia And Collecting
Collecting sports memorabilia is a hobby that can fill your spare time with importance and give you a distraction to the everyday drudgery. What you decide to collect is a matter of personal preference. Some people collect items from a broad range of different sports while others only collect items that pertain to a particular sport or a particular athlete.

33). A Look At The Different Choices You Have For Receiving Your Mail
Almost everyone has a mailbox where they live. Not everyone has the same kind of mailbox, but they have a mailbox. The mailbox makes it much easier for both the postal carriers and the residents.

34). A Look At The Dining Habits Of Ancient Romans
It is only recently that the term brunch, referring to the time period between lunch and breakfast, came into fashion. This popular pastime was actually begun in Rome. The only difference is, is that they called it dinner.

35). A Look At The Music Of Scotland
The unique music of Scotland is easily recognized around the world and has remained a vibrant force to this day while many forms of traditional music worldwide have experienced a loss of popularity to pop music.

36). A Look At The Treadmill
When you step into the gym for the first time, it can be overwhelming to see the variety of machines for you to choose from. How do you tell which machine is the best one to meet your needs?

37). A Look Back In Time At Early Clocks
According to scientists humans have been on the planet for millions of years but it wasn’t until a few thousand years ago that some of the ancient civilizations saw the need to know the time of day. It is believed that this became necessary due to the growing religious events and social activities.

38). A New Attack In The War Against Wrinkles
In today’s society there is a major emphasis placed on youth and vitality. With progress being made in a number of areas that have allowed people to seemingly remain younger longer, more and more people are choosing to delay the effects of aging, such as wrinkles. For a long time wrinkles appeared as one aged, seemingly alerting the world to their growing older.

39). A Review Of The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe
The long awaited screen adaptation of the C.S. Lewis masterpiece doesn’t disappoint. The work of Lewis has long been admired, especially by the more intellectual of Christians. Lewis, a former atheist, used symbolism a great deal in his books and this movie is a perfect example of that.

40). A Wedding Planning Guide For The Bride
So you have made it to the wedding planning stage, congratulations! Now that you have set a date you need to start getting everything together that you will need for the big day. You need to take it in steps so that you won’t be overwhelmed; you know eat the elephant one bite at a time!

41). Affiliate Yourself and Start Earning Income with your Blog Site
Not only are there a lot of people out there blogging for fun, many of them are finding ways to make money by blogging. There are a number of ways an income from blogging can be achieved, but one of the most popular is by affiliating your blog.

42). All You Wanted To Know About Hybrid Cars
The rising oil prices will have anybody fretting and praying for a miracle so that they did not have to spend that kind of money on fuel. If at all, anybody can answer those prayers, it is our own automobile industry.

43). Alternative Ways To Cut Fuel Usage
The typical vehicle uses approximately 600 gallons of fuel and is driven more than 16,000 miles each year. This adds up to a lot of miles driven and a lot of money spent on gas.

44). An Explanation Of Different Wines
If you are thinking of entertaining in your home, having dinner parties, or you just want to have a bit of knowledge for that next romantic dinner here are some descriptions for you of different classifications of wine and why they are named the way they are.

45). An Important Guide To The Basic Vitamin Supplements Everyone Needs
The problem in modern society is that not only do we not eat the right foods we should to get the proper vitamins we need from our diet, but we also are eating foods in many cases that are devoid of nutrients due to modern agricultural methods.

46). An Insider Look At Auto Dealerships
Going to a car dealer to buy a car is a scary experience for some and angry one for others. If you know a little more about the inner workings and structure of the average car dealership you will be less likely to be so apprehensive and you will be equipped to know what to look out for and what to expect.

47). An Introduction To Cigar Smoking
Currently cigars are produced in several different countries, including Cuba, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Brazil, and the Philippines. Cuban cigars, while illegal in the United States since the embargo of 1962 by President Kennedy, are considered to be the world’s finest.

48). An Overview Of Cigar Wrappers And Fillers
Cigars are made by using three different types of tobacco leaves called wrappers, fillers and binders. The way in which these various leaves are blended are what determines the look, flavor and smoking characteristics of each cigar. Let’s examine these in a little more detail and cover some of the more common tobacco leaves.

49). An Overview Of Honda Hybrids
Honda has become one of the top car manufacturers when it comes to the latest craze in the automotive world – hybrid vehicles. Honda has followed in the footsteps of car manufacturing companies like Toyota and Ford who have created a number of their car models in hybrid form.

50). An Overview Of Irish Gifts
Today many people are turning to shopping for Irish products to find artistic and meaningful gifts. Many Irish products use special Celtic designs that date back over 5,000 years. Each of these traditional Irish designs has a special meaning or story attached to their creation. Because Irish designs are made to be so meaningful, Irish products make great gifts for special occasions.

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