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1). Payroll Outsourcing Meets High Tech: Paying Employees Online  By : Mike Batta
A look at new high tech methods of job outsourcing. Particularly, paying employees online via an online payroll outsourcing firm.

2). The Importance of Capital  By : John Nowly
The following article is an excerpt from the free online course "Using Finance & Accounting in Your Small Business".

3). The Rewards of A Career In Accounting And Why You Should Consider The Vocation  By : Gregg Hall
Now, more than ever, a career in accounting is something you should take the time to consider. Accounting is leaving its reputation for providing long days of mundane work in the dust as the amount of duties and tasks it offers varies more and more.

4). Are You Properly Tracking Your Companyís Stock?  By : Wade Anderson
The Capitalization Table provides investors with a birdís eye view of the sum total of all the different securities issued by a company. It includes the amount of investment that the company has procured from investors and the distribution of securities which might include common/preferred shares, options, warranties etc. and the individual capitalization ratios.

5). Inexpensive Ways to Order Personal Checks  By : James Hunt
When one opens a checking account, inevitably the sales pitch to order checks through the back is given. Many banks offer a special price on the first book...

6). Analyze Your Needs Before Purchasing Accounting Software  By : James Hunt
There are so many different types of accounting software on the market today that youíll need to know exactly what it is that youíre looking for before you make your final decision...

7). Against All Odds -Tips on How to Protect Your Assets  By : John Morris
With so many bad things happening in our society today, it is important to obtain safety measure needed to protect our lives, our business, or simply the things we own...

8). The Salvage Truth - Boat Insurance Buying Tips  By : John Morris
The water may be your element. You may find the sea quite stirring yet in here you find your own serenity. Yes, the mere sight of the vast sea may stir in you quite a number of various emotional responses...

9). Resolving Marital Conflict Over Money  By : Charles Kassotis
Avoid money-based conflicts in your marriage by taking prudent financial planning steps and working with your spouse to meet mutual goals.


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