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1). Things You Can Do With Your Computer To Prevent A Loss Of Data  By : Gregg Hall
Whether we like it or not, our hard drives are not as stable as we would want it to be. There will be times when our hard drives would malfunction causing damages to our data. There are many things that could cause our hard drives to malfunction.

2). Why It Is Essential To Back Up Your Computer Hard Drive On A Regular Basis  By : Gregg Hall
In past history, floppy discs were the main source for backing up our computer files. They still work wonderfully, but some computers have moved on.

3). A Look At Some Of The Data Recovery Methods Available To You  By : Gregg Hall
You have just returned from the vacation of a life time and downloaded your pictures to your computer, typed up the diary you kept while vacationing and drafted many emails to your friends about the trip, now it is all gone, thanks to some incomprehensible computer glitch.

4). How To Go About Data Recovery If You Have A Hard Drive Crash  By : Gregg Hall
If a file is lost during a hard drive crash, it takes a specialist to retrieve the damage. An Intel CAD system cannot fix the damaged files on hard disks or storage mediums. The repairs have to follow a unique course of action.

5). Recovering Your Data From Damaged DVDs  By : Charles Hammer
There are many computer applications out there that will perform DVD data recovery for you. Often times your data can become lost or damaged on your DVD and it is vital to you that this data be recovered.

6). Types of Computer Infection  By : Alex Rider
Brief descriptions of the kinds of malicious software that abounds in todays computerised world are described and explained.

7). Backup Your Data On Your Computer Or Lose It Forever  By : Gregg Hall
Computers, though they are meant to make our lives generally easier, depending on the perception, usually are much like a double-edged sword. Any person, who has used a computer for a while, will have an understanding on just how safe their date is.

8). Backup Data to Tape Drive, Network Attached or a Virtual Tape Library?  By : Christine Harrell
When it comes to setting up a system for multiple computers operating on a network, backing up your data to a tape drive, network attached storage (NAS) or a Virtual Tape Library are some of the solutions the end user should consider!

9). Data Recovery/Datenrettung & Securing Data on Computers  By : Keith George
Data recovery is the process by which the data is recovered from damaged or inaccessible storage media. Data recovery is done from storage media like CDs, DVDs, Floppies, Hard disks, Magnetic tapes etc.

10). Data Recovery - It May Not be to Late After All  By : Tyson J Stevenson
The salvaging of lost data or making available the previously damaged data stored on various damaged media such as hard disk drives, magnetic tapes, magnetic disks, zip disks, CD-Rom, flash cards and other storage media is known as Data recovery.

11). How To Prevent Loss Of Data And Hard Disk Crashes  By : frank vanderlugt
Do-it-yourself programs are a lot less expensive than hiring a data retrieval company that specializes in information recovery, and to save money you should at least attempt to utilize this type of program before calling a professional.

12). How to recover deleted or lost files  By : Julian Moss
It's a sickening feeling, the moment you realise that some important document, or irreplaceable photos have vanished from your computer. But that is no reason to despair. The chances are that the data is still present, even if you know you deleted it. Your computer operating system just does not know how to find it any more. The four m...

13). Data Protection And Hard Disk Recovery Go Hand In Hand  By : J Schipper
When it comes to hard disk recovery, the best method is to insure that you will never need it. Besides making frequent backups, the following measures will keep your system running smoothly. Antivirus Protection New viruses are invented every day, and system security is a concern for every business. Malicious software can...

14). Preventing And Reversing Data Loss  By : Trevor Marshall
One of the most stressful times that a simple student or employee may encounter is a loss of an important file on the computer. It can be a day of doom if you are due to submit your paper or make a presentation and at the worst possible moment your file is deleted. Thus, data recovery may be the answer you are looking for. Data recovery is technolo...

15). XCACLS, SUNINACL, And Other Permissions Security Recovery Tools  By : Darren Miller
You Have 50GB Of Data To Move Along With Permissions Security ---------------------------- This article is about several tools that can save a Windows administrators you know what in the event of a large scale permissions security problem. Here is a fictional scenario we can use to illustrate the use of the XCACLS tool. We ...

16). How to Choose Right PC Diagnostic Software  By : Natalie Aranda
Computer Diagnostics is a need to keep a healthy operating system and vital for business productivity, where a failure can be a costly mistake. PC diagnostic software can determine hardware and software conditions and possible failures, as well as current settings and connectivity. A PC diagnostic program can also suggest the best perf...

17). Data Media Security  By : Lawrence Hilliard
Data Media Security

18). The Solution To Finding Your Lost Files - Data Recovery Companies  By : Jeff Smith
When the worst happens to your computer and all your files disappear, never worry! There are a number of quality data recovery companies that are able to restore your critical files quickly and easily. Instead of tearing out your hair over a stubborn computer that is holding that essential file hostage, let the worries slide away and ...

19). The facts of Colocation Hosting  By : d
Colocation Hosting Colocation hosting is a recent buzzword in technological breakthroughs. Colocation is best defined as the process of locating of equipment in another location. On the contrary the client in alternative locations defines Colocation hosting as the location of personal servers usually the Colocation is of high-end dat...

20). What Are Survivable Computer Systems  By : Darren Miller
Definition Of A Survivable Computer System ---------------------------- A computer system, which may be made up of multiple individual systems and components, designed to provide mission critical services must be able to perform in a consistent and timely manner under various operating conditions. It must be able to meet its goals and o...

21). Little-known Strategies to Maximize the Life of Your Hard Drive  By : Alex Bezborodov
Maximizing the life of your hard drive If I asked you the question: which part of your computer is the most fragile, what would you say? What if I asked: which part is most important to you? Often, the answer to both of these questions is your Hard Drive. Your hard drive is likely one the most important thing...

22). Know What You're Dealing With: Essential Information You Must Know Before Paying for Data Recovery  By : Alex Bezborodov
Know what you're dealing with The world of data recovery is a big mystery for most consumers and even some IT professionals. This is largely because hard drives themselves are complex devices and their technological specifics are not generally well known. Data recovery companies thrive on their customers' lack of information and...

23). What To Do When Your Hard Disk Fries  By : J Schipper
A hard disk drive (HDD, or also hard drive) is a fixed data storage device that stores data on a magnetic surface layered onto hard disk platters. A hard disk uses rigid rotating platters (disks). Each platter has a planar magnetic surface on which digital data may be stored. Information is written to the disk by transmitting an electr...

24). The Value of Data Media Security  By : Lawrence Hilliard
A basic locking cabinet can secure valuable papers or personal items but it will not protect them from theft or fire damage. Only safes can provide a superior level of protection for documents, jewelry, guns and personal items. computer data that would be difficult or impossible to duplicate if lost. While paper records secured within...

25). Remote Backup  By : Matt Garrett
Preservation of computer files is essential for the proper functioning of businesses, and therefore, remote backup is becoming a more popular option for many businesses and individuals. One crash can destroy essential files, which, if not recovered, can damage your company's reputation and its ability to function. Remote backup is a relatively inex...

26). Computer Backups  By : Jack Back
COMPUTERS AND HALLOWEEN, DO THEY MIX? Computer backup is so important to your computer that to ignore it is to risk its damnation. Computers require care and feeding. They require that you attend to their needs. If you don't, then they will most surely be sent to Hell. Halloween means Hell. What! What do you m...

27). When Do You Need to Use a Professional Data Recovery Service?  By : Natalie Aranda
There are a number of data recovery software programs intended to help you when an emergency calls for data recovery, however it is important to determine when you can do the job by yourself, and when you need to use a professional data recovery service. Data recovery is a time consuming process that most of the time requires some leve...

28). Repairing a damaged CD  By : Edgar Lee
Why compact discs get damaged. Compact discs are all plastic. Compact discs are even not sensitive to magnetic fields as in case floppy disks, which never used to retain data when even a slight magnetic field is crossed with floppies. Then what is the reason why CDs get corrupted? CDs work on the principle of reflection of light. CD dr...


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