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1). Relieve Stress With Meditation  By : Gaetane Ross
By meditating,You will enhance your daily living and help you manage your stress. You will find that you will feel better and be able to get your body in a state of greatness.

2). Meditation and Psychic powers, Shaktipat, Supermind, Kundalini Kriyas, Siddhis, and Enlightenment  By : Swami Satchidanand
Thus we learn and practice Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Samadhi, Samyama, the Kundalini Kriyas, Chinese Alchemical Taoism and the Micro and Macrocosmic Orbits, VITRIOL and The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, The Grounding of Negative Energies, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Raja Yoga and the Eighteen Classical Yogas of the Bhagavad Gita.

3). EFT for Meditation and Prayer  By : Robert Elias Najemy
Being able let go of thoughts, concerns, issues and other obstacles would be an enormous blessing for those who would like to concentrate more intensely during prayer or transcend all mental activities during meditation.

4). Understanding Meditation through Models - part 1  By : Robert Elias Najemy
Models, examples and parables are often more effective than word descriptions in enabling us to understand new concepts.

5). Understanding Meditation through Models - part 3  By : Robert Elias Najemy
As in the previous example, the mind has no reality of its own. Its reality is formed by its contents. It is like a plastic bag or cellophane that takes the shape of whatever you put into it.

6). Understanding Meditation through Models - part 2  By : Robert Elias Najemy
The mind is like the sea. It is in a constant state of movement. Underneath the sea is the seabed, which is stable, unmoving, and permanent.

7). The Four Basic Systems of Yoga - part 1  By : Robert Elias Najemy
There are many systems of yoga, but they fall into four basic categories. All the systems have the same goals:

8). The Four Basic Systems of Yoga - part 3  By : Robert Elias Najemy
There are many systems of yoga, but they fall into four basic categories. All the systems have the same goals:

9). You Can Propel Yourself To Success With The Power Of Your Mind  By : Abbas Abedi
Tips on using your mind to attain your goals.

10). Understanding Hypnosis And Hypnotic Trance  By : Abbas Abedi
Hypnosis is an aspect of everyday life, learn how.

11). The Karma Clearing Process of Energy Enhancement Meditation including the Kundalini Kriyas + Alchemy  By : Swami Satchidanand
Start your Karma Cleaning Process by learning how to meditate and then speed it up with the advanced techniques of Energy Enhancement based upon ancient effective techniques of Taoism, The Kundalini Kriyas, The five elemental circulations of the Qi of Chinese Alchemical Taoism, The Guided Meditation of the Emerald tablet of Hermes Trismegistus encapsulated in VITRIOL and more..

12). A Nature Meditation  By : Robert Elias Najemy
You are sitting by a quietly flowing stream in the countryside. It is spring and life is green and moist? Sitting on a rock, the sights and sounds of the flowing water begin to work their mysterious way into your nervous system.

13). The Mastery of Relationships, The Energy of the Heart Center, Evolution and Meta.  By : Swami Satchidanand
We heal these relationships by an Ancient Advanced Synthesis of Effective Meditation Techniques which speeds up the process of strengthening and healing the Heart Centre.

14). Dahn Yoga - Yoga for the Soul  By : Martin Haworth
Nowadays, yoga is widespread and is new forms are continuously being developed today. Millions of people around the world enjoy yoga every day or week, depending on circumstances into this activity.

15). Energy Enhancement Psychic Sexual Connection and The Mastery Of Relationships  By : Swami Satchidanand
These split off parts of your mind form the Unconscious and Link Your Sexual Base Chakra and the Relationship Abdominal Chakra to the Chakras of Other People thus causing Adultery and Divorce.

16). Energy Enhancement and the Use of Life Experience and Stress to Remove Bad Behaviours  By : Swami Satchidanand
Without someone pointing out the discrepancies in your behaviour, you probably will not notice them.. As Gurdjieff said, "The personality that says I will get up early in the morning is not the same personality who throws the alarm clock out of the window!!."

17). Prayer Meditation  By : Robin Darch
Most people believe that you must have religious training or attend a church regularly in order to pray. The truth is anyone can pray. You can pray anywhere you like. No one needs to hear you pray except GOD or Jesus, if you believe in them. Prayer is the best meditation there is. Simply chanting or breathing a certain way might calm you outwardly, but inner peace comes through prayer meditation.

18). Energy Enhancement and the Removal of all the Blockages from all your Previous Lifetimes  By : Swami Satchidanand
This is what they mean when they say a Master is not under the Laws of Karma. He has dissolved all the negativity from all his past lives. He has used his Soul, Monad, Logos And Higher Energies, with Samyama to dissolve all the negativity, to Forgive all the bad actions that he has done, and have been done to him.

19). The Antahkarana, Bridge, Tower of Babel or Babble, Chakras, Meditation, Gurdjieff, Shakespeare, Guru  By : Swami Satchidanand
The lack of communication between the chakras, or the people building the Tower of Babel, symbolises their lack of integration. Because we are not integrated our psychic bodies will not reach up to heaven. We never managed to contact our Higher Selves. We are not Enlightened.

20). Energy Enhancement and Emotional IQ.  By : Swami Satchidanand
It is through experiences like this, that we see what it is possible to do with a large emotional IQ. And what is necessary to do.

21). The Skinny on Diet Pills  By : John Morris
Have you been hanging around the buffet table for far too long? Do your jeans snap open when you do a simple twist? Have you ever had any part of your body jiggle when you walk? It is an incredibly frustrating situation when your body does not look (or even feel) the way you would like...

22). Energy Enhancement Samyama, The fastest way to Enlightenment..  By : Swami Satchidanand
Samadhi is good but Samyama is 10 times faster than even that at releasing Energy Blockages which stop the Enlightenment process. Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Samadhi and Samyama are part of the Eight Limbs of Yoga in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Samyama is talked about from over 5000 years ago in the Third And Fourth Chapter of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

23). What the Philosophy of Tai Chi Can Do For You  By : Stephen Todd
The origins of Tai Chi go back over 5,000 years and are based in Taoist philosophy developed and refined by the great Taoist thinkers.

24). The Shortest Way to Happiness  By : Annett Tate
Why being fully in the present moment is the shortest way to happiness and the best way to avoid pain.

25). Why are You so Poor in this Lifetime?  By : Swami Satchidanand
What do the vows have to do with you and your life? In another life time, you might have been a member of a very strict religious order, where you took vows against sex, marriage, prosperity, or personal freedom and identity.

26). Meditation Guide  By : Robin Darch
There is absolutely no way I can possibly tell you about all the different types of meditation in just one article. My intention is to tell you about some of the general benefits of meditation the different types have in common and introduce you to a few popular forms of meditation.

27). Transcendental Meditation  By : Robin Darch
The world has become a hectic place to live with fast food, fast cars and fast computers. Life moves at such a rapid pace that the elements that compose our lifestyles generate an abundance of stress that many do not know how to handle. One way to reduce stresses and create a more relaxed mind and a healthier body is through Transcendental Meditation.

28). Would You Trade Five Minutes Of Your Day For Peace?  By : Todd Taylor
Spending five minutes a day meditating can bring much needed peace into your life.

29). Energy Enhancement and Removing the Strategies of the Vampire!!  By : Swami Satchidanand
We All use the Vampiric Strategies unconsciously to steal energies from others and which lead us into painful situations which can depress us and which can lead to destructive patterns in our shifting personalities.

30). What is meditation - how to meditate  By : Knut Holt
Meditation is a group of mental training techniques .You can use meditation to improve mental health and capacities, and also to help improve the physical health. Some of these techniques are very simple, so you can learn them from a book or an article; others require guidance by a qualified meditation teacher. WHAT IS MEDITATION

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