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1). An Introduction to Antique Furniture  By : Stephen Morgan
Furniture has been a domestic necessity in all civilisations, ancient to modern (and in-between) and has been produced in large quantities over the centuries.

2). How to Repair Broken Jade  By : Victor Epand
How to Repair Broken Jade

3). Adding Dimension to Scrapbook Pages with Eyelets and Bunches  By : Marcy Larsen
Using eyelets and paper punches to add to your pages

4). Benefits of being a Scrapbook Consultant  By : Marcy Larsen
Becoming a scrapbook consultant

5). Koala Sewing Machine Cabinets - A Must Have for Sewing Enthusiasts  By : Byran Kempa
Koala cabinets for sewing machines are used by many people around the world who like the nice, yet functional design of these sewing machine cabinets.

6). Preserving Memories With Scrapbooks  By : Ken Snow
Scrapbooks are an ideal way to preserve memories and retrieve them for later reference or use. They allow for a trip down memory lane without struggling about what someone had said on a particular even or what you were wearing on your first prom party.

7). Simple Yet Sensational Scrapbook Pages  By : Marcy Larsen
Simple scrapbook layout ideas can make scrapbooking easier and more interesting than ever before.

8). Scrapbook Journaling  By : Marcy Larsen
A picture can tell a million words but somehow, they leave out the sentiments and the emotions of the occasion. This is where Scrapbook Journaling comes in.

9). Positive Aspects Of Quilting Classes  By : Chris Fox
Discover the main reasons why to join quilting classes and how it can help in your learning curve of how to quilt

10). Using Australian Native Wildflowers In Arrangements  By : Kerry Plowright
Melbourne florist, Francine Rizza says she loves the unique textures, interesting shapes and amazing colours of Australian native wildflowers.

11). The Simplicity and Enjoyment of Crocheting  By : Byran Kempa
Crochet purses are a classic and stylish replacement for leather or vinyl purses. Not only that, they are inexpensive and fun to make!

12). The Best Way of Using the Clay  By : Mitch Johnson
When you started modeling your imagination into reality, to bring it out in a model, then you must remember to maintain some rules and important regulations. Some essentials guidance are listed below.

13). The Art of Graceful Oil Painting  By : David Hoyles
This is a site about the art of planning and creating an oil painting.

14). Tips for Making Invisible Ink  By : Mitch Johnson
Invisible inks are very famous among the children. They love to use and have fun with it. Have you ever think of making it by yourself? If not then you will surely do it because in this article you will find how to make an invisible inks naturally without using any chemicals.

15). Uses for Wool Fabric  By : Mayoor Patel
Wool fabric is used for all kinds of clothing, couch covers, bedspreads, toilet covers, tablecloths, and more.

16). Different Type of Clay Used for Ceramic  By : Mitch Johnson
For making strong and beautiful ceramic, it is very important to use pure and good quality clay. Some materials are also added to strengthen the clay. In this article you will learn the different types of clay and where to find them.

17). Tips to Prepare the Clay  By : Mitch Johnson
Clay is easier and better to use when it has aged in the damp state. This means leaving it in a damp place a box or crock for a period of a week to two or three months, the longer the better. Follow the article to know more about for the preparation of clay.

18). Tips for Taking Proper Care of Clays  By : Mitch Johnson
A long process is needed to make you clay perfectly ready for use. If this process are follow properly then a good result can be obtain. In this article you will learn what these processes are and how to follow.

19). Tips to Classify Clay  By : Mitch Johnson
For the purposes of the hobbyist, it might be advantageous to classify clays according to their ultimate purposes. This article will help you how to classify clays.

20). The Art of Design  By : Adrian Barrett
Do you know your design principles?

21). Arts & Crafts for Fun & Profit  By : John Savage
Arts and Crafts are about making things with your own hands and using your own skills

22). Important Characteristics of Wood  By : Mitch Johnson
There are types of the woods which we can use for the wood carving. But each of the woods has their own typical and characteristics. Before we start doing the wood carving, it is better to know the types of the wood and their characteristics. In this article we will learn about the type of the woods and how this guidance can help us with our carved.

23). How Safe is Your Wood Working Tool?  By : M. D. Robinson
When it comes to the use of any wood working tool there are a few basic safety measures that have to be complied with.

24). Marketing Your Soap for Profit  By : John Savage
There are many ways to market your soaps and homemade bath products

25). Making Wonders With Beads  By : Ken Snow
Not only can beads be used to design jewelry for classy formal parties and beach wear but they can also be used for designs on apparel and shoes.

26). Discover The Joys And Benefits of Quilting : An Anspirational And Creative Form Of Craft  By : Rose Mary
Quilting is a creative and inspirational form of craft. Many people, nowadays, used quilting as a hobby because they find it fun, gratifying and enriching. Start quilting now.

27). Always a Good Idea to Get Discount Scrapbooking Supplies  By : Marcy Larsen
Buying discount scrapbooking supplies can save you a lot of money. Create that special scrapbook page with creativity and less money than you think.

28). A Beginners Guide to Crochet  By : Byran Kempa
Beginner crochet books, guides and classes are becoming more popular as women and men begin to enjoy the ancient art of crocheting. Whether the interest in crocheting comes from a desire to create something, or comes from a desire to engage in a therapeutic activity, beginner crochet products and services are skyrocketing in popularity.

29). Make Money Being a Scrapbook Consultant  By : Marcy Larsen
Becoming a scrapbook consultant can be a great way to earn extra money, while doing something you love. Reputable companies such as Close to My Heart and others offer consultants many great benefits.

30). Beading Is Popular, Rewarding, Fun, Interesting And Enjoyable Hand Craft  By : Rose Mary
Beaded items are attractive and useful. Beading is a popular craft and it is rewarding, fun, interesting and enjoyable. Many people are doing it because it helps to enhance their lives. Start beading today.

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