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1). Finding The Best Knife Makers  By : George Wood
While looking for knife-makers around the globe on the Internet, you may come across a lot of companies. However, if you are particularly interested in custom-made knives then visiting NCKnife might prove useful. They have a wide range of custom knives and other leather crafts to offer.

2). Find Popular Handmade Folding Knives From Morrow Custom Knife Makers  By : George Wood
Morrow Custom knife-makers are popular for their handmade folding knives. Their specialty is double-blade knives exquisitely made and finished. They claim that their knives are made with highest quality and by using the best material available.

3). A Look At A New Entry In The Collectible Toy Car Market  By : Gregg Hall
The diecast marketplace gained a new member seven years ago with the unlikely appearance of Jada Toys. The beginner brand began humbly but swiftly gained astounding interest due to the development of its style and trendy new design concepts.

4). The History of the 1943 Steel Cent  By : Keith Scott
In 1943, the US Mint distributed a coin made of steel. Why did this happen?

5). Top Tips for the Stamp Collector  By : Jimmy Cox
Stamps. You put them on a letter you want to mail, or a bill you need to pay. Once in a while, if it is a birthday or Valentine`s Day card, you will request a special picture on the stamp, a cake or a heart, perhaps. However, to some, stamps are more than just mere postage.

6). The Joys of Collecting Antique Toys  By : Dave Poon
You may have your favorite childhood toy. Like your favorite toy train that you kept near your bed.

7). How to Assemble a Liberty Head V Nickel Collection  By : Keith Scott
Liberty Nickels can make for a great collecting challenge. Learn how to get started

8). Art Deco Auctions  By : John Savage
In the field of modern art, art deco plays a large and impressive role.

9). How To Be Sure That The Sword You Want To Buy Is Made Of Quality Materials  By : Gregg Hall
Swords can be made out of many different materials depending on what they will be used for. Swords are a dangerous weapon that can be used to kill people. Hopefully the only reason you would want a real sword is if you are a collector, and not to actually harm someone.

10). Different Art of Making Glass  By : Mitch Johnson
Let us look into the details of some of the wares that we uses daily and really do not know about their history and uses. Glass, silver, plate, enamels, and metalwork are some of the wares that we are going to look into details. And there are different types of glass and their uses are varied.

11). Silver in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century  By : Mitch Johnson
There have been many silver pieces from the past that are unlikely to come up in the open for the public from either museums, churches or private collectors, etc. Refugees coming to England had contributed immensely to the quantities of silvers through their high standards of craftsmanship. The silver metal and their designs have been subjected to different influenced.

12). Learn How to Restore and Preserve Antique Photos  By : Dave Poon
There are millions of old photographs that may have been over through the years. They were lost and destroyed because of natural disasters, fires and wars. In some way, there could be some antique photos that may have survived and do exist as of today.

13). Important History of Tapestry  By : Mitch Johnson
Many countries like England, encouraged establishments of tapestry factories in different places. Some of these places produced some of the finest tapestry and they have survived for long proving their excellence.

14). Enormous Uses of Tapestry in Olden Days  By : Mitch Johnson
Tapestry was woven on a loom usually in large sizes. Many types of threads were used in making the laces like silk, gold and silver threads weaving different picture on subjects including the and Biblical history, mythology, and peasant scenes after Teniers, etc.

15). The Best Way to Identify Antiques  By : Mitch Johnson
One of the most well known timbers is the Mahogany, which is mostly imported from the nations like Cuba, San Domingo, Bahamas and Honduras. It is red-brown. There are others trees that have come to be known as Mahogany but they are not actually Mahogany

16). Some of the Best Still Surviving Furniture  By : Mitch Johnson
Many people enjoy and use the furniture and hardly give a thought on how were the woods or the furniture comes into existence. Most of us dont know from which woods these furniture are made. Here we will look into the different kinds of sofas and other furniture.

17). The Best Way to Identify the Best Furniture  By : Mitch Johnson
Here we will look into how to identify the best ways to recognize the furniture whether they are good or bad and old or new. This can be done through the general appearances, the coloring, construction, etc. All these could help you to identify the best and the worst.

18). History and Types of Porcelain  By : Mitch Johnson
Here we will be learning more about the history of porcelain. What are its ingredients, how is it prepared, and what are its uses. Porcelain has become one of the most common wares in the modern days.

19). Antique Bracelets Information and Caring Tips  By : Dave Poon
Since the gold discoveries in the early and mid 1800s, the United States introduced the Cape Diamond Bracelet in the market in the late 1800s. It is considered as one of the most expensive antique jewelries and had to be remounted because of its limited supply.

20). Successful Antique Buying  By : John Savage
One of the most recognizable Latin expressions is Caveat Emptor, buyer beware.

21). How to Find the Best Antique Coffee Grinder  By : Dave Poon
Finding an antique coffee grinder is the best thing you can do to create a special coffee or espresso. The taste and flavor of coffee initially dissipates after the coffee beans were grinded. So it is much enticing tasting a coffee or an espresso if you were the one who grinded the coffee beans.

22). Antique Collecting a Great Hobby and a Money Maker  By : John Savage
Some antique collectors are motivated simply by a connection to history, but others are involved in order to make money.

23). The History of Sports Memorabilia  By : Bob Rardin
The other day I was cataloguing three boxes of baseball cards for a friend of mine and I began to think about how this entire card collecting and sports memorabilia phenomenon began.

24). Look To The Sea With Dolphin Figurines - The Friendly Creatures Will Fill You With Warmth  By : Peter Crump
Dolphin figurines have grace and charm and adorn your cabinet or house

25). Willow Tree Figurines - Hand Carved Sculptures With A Religious Theme  By : Peter Crump
Willow tree figurines are the perfect gift for special occasions

26). Investing in Autographed Collectibles is Preserving Our History  By : Jason Diehl
Whenever we invest in our culture we are preserving our history. Collectors of all types are helping to maintain our ever-changing culture.

27). Mermaid Figurines - Evoking Fantasies Of The Sea  By : Peter Crump
Mermaid figurines are extremely popular, with kids as well as adults.

28). Insect or Arachnid?  By : Charles Kassotis
Many people think of bugs as insects, but the fact of the matter is that just about any small, creepy and crawly thing can be a bug.

29). The Art of Collecting Animal Figurines  By : Kip Goldhammer
Animal Figurines are basically replica statues or statuettes of animals that can be made using clay, metal and a host of other molding materials. Animal figurines are used for decorative, collection or symbolic purposes depending on the whims and fancies of the owners.

30). Finding Companion Pieces is Like a Treasure Hunt!  By : Jason Diehl
Increasing the value of your autograph collection can be as easy as finding a companion piece for your existing pieces. Two signatures can be more valuable than either one by themselves.

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