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1). Types of Patents Granted by the USPTO  By : Lisa Parmley
Inventions may qualify for a utility, a design or a plant patent as set out by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This article attempts to provide you with an overview on each of these patent types.

2). To Crush Your Competition A Strong Patent Is Important Learn How and Why  By : Xavier Pillai
To win in a patent lawsuit, you must have a strong patent, a patent that contains a broad as well as a narrow definition of your invention.

3). To Successfully Enforce Your Patent Do Not Let Form Triumph Over Substance While Writing The Patent  By : Xavier Pillai
You may have a fantastic invention and obtained a patent for it but you will fail to stop the infringer if any one of the many formality requirements of the patent laws are ignored when writing the patent.

4). The Patent Office Proposes New Rules That Could Increase Burden On Patent Applicant  By : Xavier Pillai
If the proposed new rules take effect, the patent applicant must excercize great care in disclosing documents that pertain to the invention. It is important to secure a patent and not create potential ammunition for a competitor to defeat the patent.

5). Are You Prepared To Face The Patent Office As It Is Going To Grant Only Narrow Patents?  By : Xavier Pillai
A patent application is a serious legal document and should be prepared with great care. This requires knowledge of the industry, i.e., what has been done before and what the competition might try to get around the patent. In the wake of the proposed rules, the importance of writing a good patent application cannot be overemphasized.

6). Shouldn’t Great Inventions Deserve Iron-clad Patents?  By : Xavier Pillai
Chemical and pharmaceutical industries protect their inventions by securing patents. However, they realize, much to their surprise and their bottom line, that the patents do not hold up to scrutiny by lawyers and courts. This article provides practical tips to securing strong patents.

7). Can you start selling your invention before patenting it?  By : Xavier Pillai
Chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies spend large sums of money so that their employees burn the midnight oil and come up with great inventions, be it on a novel drug treat heart disease or a process to make large quantities of a chemical used in the manufacture of a plastic. Those inventions may be of little value if the company did not file for a patent in a timely manner.

8). Do you Have an Invention or an Idea for an Invention  By : James Hunt
What are inventions? Well, basically an invention is when someone comes up with an idea or an object that has never been thought of before...


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